Proud to be an amateur.
I'm no artist, I've had no training whatsoever, but I really enjoy doodling every now-and-then (as do many people). Putting the pictures in the scanner is fun, and making use of my blog is cool too, so I thought I'd share some of the pictures I've made lately. The above picture was meant to be my new banner: a combo of my two loves (cooking and craft). Basically, its a picture of my hand holding two knitting needles like chopsticks. Nothing too metaphorical here. But I ditched the idea in favor of the pink sofa. I'm not sure if that was a wise decision.

Those two were meant to go in frames (to go up on the wall). Now I need frames- I like the ones at the thrift shop.
I was thinking about drawing, and visual mediums other than those usually connected with traditional art, and as I am not knowledgeable of any of them (other than coloring with crayons and markers), I thought I'd try my hand at something different. I've been reading up on filet (sp?) crochet, and I gave it a practice run with a little heart motif.
I think it came out pretty well, especially for my first run. So, now I've moved on to the idea of creating a portrait in filet crochet. I chose an illustratted character who seemed simple to pixelate, which will be crocheted with black crochet thread. I though it would look striking in a frame on the wall. I'm going to wait to show the result (it should take a few more weeks, as I'm not working on it but for an hour or so everyday), because the pixelated image and the little piece done so far probably wouldn't make sense in a picture.
I found an old box of watercolors (like the ones you probably used in preschool), and so I painted a pink sofa and outlined it with a black crayola marker, complete with the blog's initials and used it as my banner. I like to think it looks comfortable.

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I think you are doing great, really. i am only beginner for crochet, i cant even make a flower yet. Good luck and all the best !!