Another dessert attempt: Gâteau au Yaourt.

As suggested on a

Craftster forum, I made a "Gâteau au Yaourt" (which I'm assuming is French for "yogurt cake"). The recipe turned out well (thanks Funkensteins), despite warnings on the recipe's website of the cake falling in and not baking fully in the center. However, I wish I would have gone with the suggestions of adding fruit or fruit yogurt to the batter, because I thought the cake was a bit bland (I was forced to use some low-fat vanilla yogurt). Chocolate & Zucchini mentions that "It is a fluffy, cloud-like and moist affair, not too sweet, and just perfect for any time of day -- breakfast, dessert, afternoon snack, any time at all," and while I agree that the cake is moist and not too sweet, if I'm going to consume cake made with 2 eggs, 1/2 c. oil, and 1 c. sugar, I'd like it to knock my socks off with flavor.

Since I was planning on serving this to my friends (who are picky eaters), I thought I'd make some lime glaze to spruce it up a bit, and I was pleased with the flavor combo. Basically, I boiled the juice of one lime and about seven tablespoons of white sugar on the stove, until the glaze became a syrup, that I brushed onto the cake.

Those who ate the cake along with me thought that it had especially redeeming qualities, especially that the cake was so moist. I have more yogurt at home, and I have therefore vowed to make this cake again, this time with fruit added. I think this yogurt cake idea would serve well as a base for lemon poppy seed cake, since its texture is much like a pound cake.

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