Scarf via loom.

I've had my knifty knitter knitting looms for about two weeks now, and I haven't grown tired of them yet (which is a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you view it). My six-foot scarf remained at six feet, because I didn't have enough yarn to complete another row (and my goal was to see how far I could get with one standard-sized skein). After figuring out how to bind off of the loom, which involves making a crochet chain stitch, while drawing loops from the loom, causing them to become part of the chain row. Interestingly, when you create a flat piece on a circular loom, the knitted stitches appear a bit twisted, although they stretch and hang like typical knitted stitches. Now, I'm working on making a cardigan with my largest (yellow) loom, based on a kimono-looking sweater pattern I shared in an earlier post.

Below: a closeup of the loom stitch (backside and frontside, respectively); Right: the finished scarf.