Well spent.

During a semi-regular trip to the thrift store, I found the greatest container/vase/pot. The cost was five dollars (which is a bit steep, considering where it was purchased), and I had to put down a few things I wanted to buy to get it, but I had to have it. It is one of those coiled clay pots that kids make in art class (my very first clay project, in fact, was one such vase), except that it is monsterously huge. The outside is colored with a bluish-green glaze with small gold flecks, and the inside was decorated with a clear glaze with brown and metallic-orange flecks. It measures about thirteen inches tall, and while a friend suggested using it as a garbage can, I couldn't bear putting trash into it, considering someone put a lot of time into making the thing. So, I decided to store a tiny portion of my yarn stash in it, as well as my collection of knitting needles. Then immediately after, I whipped out my camera and took some pictures of it...

Two more views: an inside look; an inside closeup (notice the glazing flecks and the number of coils!).