Knitting looms and knitting boards.

About two years back, I purchased a knitting board at a thrift store, not knowing what it was, took it home, and ended up throwing it in a closet, frustrated with not knowing what it was. Just a week ago, I googled "knitting loom," (I took a wild guess), and ended up discovering that what I had stashed in the closet was a knitting board. I found really easy-to-comprehend instructions, and ended up making a swatch on it. To look at a similar knitting board, click here. The knitting board creates a double-thickness, flat knitted piece, that should make a warmer scarf than knitting with traditional needles, and is clumsy-friendly (which is good for people like me, the knitting impaired).

I purchased the "Knifty Knitter" set of knitting looms at Wal Mart (a circular version of the knitting board), and discovered that it can be used to create flat knitted pieces as well as circular pieces. Right now, I'm working on a wide scarf on the largest loom (the yellow loom). When this is complete, I'll be looking for sweater ideas. Here's a list of knitting loom resources:

Roberts Crafts Free Loom Patterns (I like the first listing, the kimono-looking sweater)
Introduction to Knitting Looms
Patterns and Instruction (Looms and boards)
Video and Pic Looming instruction (My FAVE!)
More Loom Patterns (I love the shrug!)
Advanced Stitches (I'm not here yet, but am drooling over the possibilities)

Update! After about three days of occasional knitting, I'm up to about six feet of scarf! I love my loom.