Hayden-Harnett inspired crochet collar.

Since I stopped lurking, and started posting on Craftster (about a month ago), I've been hearing alot about Anthropologie's stuff, and so I checked out their website, and found the most jaw-dropplingly beautiful hand-crochet collar. Apparently, the collars are produced under the Hayden-Harnett label, a relatlively new Brooklyn designer. I checked out their collar, and loved it even more, so I made it. However, I didn't have a pattern, which made it a little challenging. A few weekends later, I ended up with this:

I know it doesn't look exactly like the designer's, but I wanted it to look a bit more whimsical and substantial with a jean jacket. At fitst, I didn't know how I'd wear it during the fall/winter months (the collar was part of a summer collection), but after a little bit of thought, I realized that it would like lovely with my several jean jackets and cardigans stored away. I'm so proud of this thing: I spent like five dollars for the thread, while the original costs a little under $200!

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