1080 Recipes

The self-proclaimed Spanish cooking Bible, 1080 Recipes, is comparable to Italy's Silver Spoon, and is translated and made available to English speakers by Phaidon Publishers.

I admit I didn't know much about Spanish cooking, other than it combines features of European and Middle Eastern cooking, and, of course, a variety of meats. And part of that assumption is true, however, I didn't realize what a variety of foods and ingredients are used.

Some dishes I would love to try include Spinach Tarts with Coddled Eggs, Stuffed Beets, Tomato Sorbet, and Fava Beans with Blood Sausage.

I admit the desserts also sound intriguing. Bavarian with Pineapple, and Ladyfingers with Jam and Chocolate sound quite good.

If I end up cooking any of these recipes, I'll be sure to post photos and describe my results here.

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