Instead of a Restaurant Pizza

I love pizza, especially with mushrooms and onions, with a brown, crispy crust, and a good tomato sauce. It's too bad a really good pizza can run at about $25 at least. I love to make my own, and I do whenever I have the time, but time is too often sparse, and so I make a speedy version with a tortilla crust. It only bakes for about five minutes under the broiler, and everyone gets their own personal (perhaps handmade?) pizza. Here's how to make my favorite kind.

white tortillas, one per person, lightly brushed with olive oil on both sides
tomato sauce (jar spaghetti sauce works well)
mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, shredded
honey ham, thinly sliced, and torn into large pieces with your hands
garlic powder
onions, sliced very thin
white button mushrooms, sliced thin

What to do
Spread about two tablespoons of tomato sauce on each torilla. Top with a small handful of mozzarella cheese, and about 1 T Parmesan cheese. Add onion slices, mushroom slices, and ham. Lightly sprinkle with garlic powder, and place under broiler for about five minutes, or until brown, melted, and fragrant.

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that looks really good!

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Like your site ... and your short domain name Easy to add to my favorites!