Instead of an Ice Cream Sundae

I like soft serve, especially with strawberries, but I can't get out every time I crave the stuff, so sometimes I have to make do with something similar. I've found that a yogurt parfait is quite good. I make mine with nonfat yogurt, frozen raspberries, honey, and bran flakes (for crunch, not flavor). I think it's important to keep the berries frozen, because when you drizzle the honey on them, it stiffens up and adds a chewy quality to the dish. Here's how I layer it...
Dallop yogurt
Frozen raspberries
1 T. honey drizzled
1 T. bran flakes
2 Dallops yogurt
Frozen raspberries
2 T. honey drizzled
2 T. bran flakes


nichole said...

What a great recipe! I can't wait to try it :)

Un Peu De Tout by Christine said...

Great recipe - and a lot healthier too. If you like plain yogurt you should try greek style since it is a lot creamier than regular yogurt.