Snowflakes a la paper.

I tend to stay quite busy, so on the horribly few occasions where I am left with no major duties, it is quite difficult to choose from a long-running mental list of the crafts and cooking I've been meaning to do. Plus, as I gradually make my way through the infinitely useful crafting side of the internet, I'm faced with adding to this mental list that is driving me crazy. Should I get back into making jewelry, knit, crochet, decorate for Christmas (which, by the way, I haven't done yet), cook old recipes, cook new recipes, find recipes, or whatever else sounds fun? I've started small, with paper snowflakes: finding inspiration in an old set of Childcraft books. I've probably made at least thirty of them, and I'm addicted to the craft. While I enjoy improvising the patterns while I cut the snowflake design, I realize that not everyone enjoys this (it can be stressful thinking that you've put good time into getting the snowflake ready, and that it is too easy to accidentally cut the snowflake in two), and templates can be a great help. So, I've gathered some links where anyone can access some really nice paper snowflake templates.

Noel! Noel! Noel! Snowflake Templates (five options, intermediate papercutting level)

Intricate Snowflake Templates (more than ten to choose from)

Snowflake Patterns for Kids (not just for kids, though)

Clean Home Journal, Very Basic Snowflake Instructions & Templates

Wiki How 3-D Snowflake Instructions

If these links aren't enough for you, Google "paper snowflake template" and you'll find thousands of results to choose from. I can't wait to try the 3-D version at Wiki How.