Do dah do's and fa-la-la-la-la-la-ing.

So I turn on the radio today, chase stations a while, and...gasp...Christmas music enters my ears, causing me to smile and turn up the volume. Some people say its too early to think about Christmas (and snow, dreaded snow and ice), but since I look forward to it every year, I welcome the music to supplement my craving for the Holidays. I prefer the older classics (I'm not too smitten on new, synthesized stuff), even though I've heard them countless times. AccuRadio has a several Christmas channels all year-round (eeeekkkk!), and you can sometimes find Christmas CD's at the local library, to rip-n-sync onto your handy dandy mp3 player (which I've done, no surprise there, eh?).

For the hardcore classic Christmas music aficionados, head to your local thrift shop, and check out their collection of records. I guarantee at least 40% of the collection is Christmas related. And you find some rather obscure stuff, too.