Granny square crochetalong afghan.

I was reading through an old issue of the "O Magazine" (Oprah's magazine), looking at some really beautiful quilts, and I thought "How cool would it be to have one of those!" Unfortunately, those quilts were waaaaay expensive. I've never quilted (and probably don't have the time to start anytime soon), so why not make an afghan? A few granny square tutorials later, I'm slowly making my own afghan, and posting my progress in a granny square crochetalong here.

I've made three 12 in. squares, and about twelve smaller squares, and I'm planning to combine different granny square sizes. Right now, I'm unsure about exact square placement, but here's a general idea:

Yeah, I'm really excited. Here's a link to another really informative granny square crochetalong forum. It features a unique hexagonal granny square:

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