Open Courses

I've discovered an excellent resource to keep my noggin growing: Open Courses. The idea isn't new (eh hem, Open University), but with the advent of multimedia technologies being widely available, university professors are recording their lectures, and making these audio files (and sometimes transcripts and handouts) available to the general public, free of charge. How valliant, to make their knowledge available to anyone, with no expectation for a fee. I say its awesome.

I'm currently reading the transcripts for Yale's ENGL 310: Modern Poetry. It's extremely thorough, and includes all of the handouts and a selection of transcripts, audio files, and video links of actual lectures. It's a great example of a course I wish I had time to take while I was at university.

MIT Open Course Directory
Yale Open Course Directory
Oculture Directory of Open Courses
OEDB Directory of Open Courses

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