Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

The close-twined branches interlock o'erhead,
'Twixt leaf and leaf no ray, no glimpse of blue;
From the live roof is gray-green twilight shed,
Heavily clings at noon the dull chill dew;
The snake-like roots of the large trees break through
The black, moist sod; rand weeds spread everywhere,
Damp shadow and mirk vapors fill the air.
-Emma Lazarus


michael said...

a nice dark piece for IF, i like it. Especially what youve done with the clouds, some very nice work

Faruffa said...

really cute, trees are adorables!

ClaraOhara said...

I love this. It makes me think of a Tim Burton fairytale....Dark and mysterious.
I want me a poster of this.
You rock!