Things I Really Like Right Now

  • Green River Soda Always has been my favorite soda. Still is.
  • Black grapes and honey in plain yogurt. I just threw these things together one day (I had a hunch that it'd taste good). I don't like plain yogurt, and I'm not crazy about black grapes (I'm a green grape girl), but it was goooood. I realize this is as annoying as "Tastes like chicken" comments, but it tasted like cheesecake. I think next time I'm out, I'll pick up some graham crackers and dip them into the yogurt-grape mix.
  • Crayola's 120 crayon box. I'm the kind of person who buys the big box of crayons just to read the names and look at the colors. Funnily, I've never really enjoyed coloring.
  • Pumpkin Pie. I love pumpkin pie so much I tried to make a pumpkin pie shake once, by whipping up the pumpkin pie batter in a large glass without the eggs. It was okay, but I'll probably never make it again.
  • 315 Ways to Enjoy Toast. An article, with a ton of recipes for toast toppings and such. Some sound a bit off to me, but that's just my $.02.

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