The new printer is still alive, which seems to be a miracle, considering the life span of those which are now long gone. I've found some really neat stuff to print, with the help of a great Fried Beef Article.

Block Posters- Upload your favorite picture, choose your desired image size, and it'll generate one of those huge wall posters. I used mine to cover a really ugly filing cabinet. I think it'd look really neat to put the component pages into frames, and then hang the frames close to one another.

Paper Toys- A plethora of free printable toys. I assembled a mini Eiffel Tower yesterday. It looks very nice on the ugly-turned-purdy filing cabinet. The mini Taj Mahal, London taxi, and double decker bus look lovely too.

Dirkon Printable Pinhole Camera
- I posted about pinhole photography earlier this summer. The tutorial was super cool, but I admit I'll probably never have the materials or time to create one the extremely DIY way. But I already have the materials (printer, paper, 35 mm film, subject to take pictures of) to make the Dirkon paper camera. I want to try this right now! The sample photo's look so lovely.


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