I think "I Love Lucy" is my favorite older show. Well, no, probably my second favorite, right after "The Munsters." I've always admired her great fashion sense, large puffy dresses, and really great ballet flats. I can't even remember when I started watching.

I also love antique shops. All of them. And small, out-of-the-way thrift shops. My favorite antique shops are the quiet, dark ones. I love it when the lighting is for sale; no flourescent lighting. And when there are old rugs on the floor. I love the ones where the store owners leave you alone so you can discover old things; I think the experience is much more educational that way. I especially love when you find something there that you own, and you get to find out how much its worth (even when it isn't worth much). While they may not be my favorite-of-all-time places to be, they're up there. I love antique shops.

What is your favorite place to be?

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