I really enjoy putting sequin on things. Not too much, mind you;
just a little can really embellish. Glitter is nice, but you can't always use glue on handmade items; sequin is often a safe bet. I thought I'd go skimming for the scoop on sequin (I know that sounds cheezy but I like its ring).

"Sequin" on Wikipedia: Including the history of sequin. Did you know that the origin of sequin lies within the Persian Gulf, where ladies sported coins sewn to their clothing, as they signified wealth?

"How to Sew a Sequin on Fabric" on WikiHow: No pictures, but easily-read instructions. Describes how to sew sequin on by hand.

Colorful, sheer curtains with sequin waves: With the help of WikiHow, perhaps one could replicate these curtains.

Sequin Ball tutorial, on Craftbits: Or you could take a short-cut with this project. I think it'd look striking using a larger ball ornament with black sequin and white pearl straightpins.