Although I was somewhat hesitant, reading that homemade detergent powder may or may not damage washing machines, after three months of looking at the recipe for homemade detergent on the great Modcottage blog, I finally made my own. It required fels naptha, which is very strong smelling. I was concerned that the washed clothing would smell of fels; somewhat like Pine Sol. Therefore, I decided to add some patchouli oil for fragrance (about eight drops). I popped two tablespoons into a rather large load of laundry, and watched anxiously as the machine started. Behold: no suds! At first that scared me, but I found online that it wasn't supposed to sud. The washed clothing was very fragrant; no fels smell though. I think I could have cut back on the patchouli. The clothing felt just as clean, smelled just as clean as the loads washed with the comparatively expensive Tide. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm storing the powder in an emptied coffee container.

The finished detergent powder.

The grains of clean.

I also made another piece of wall art. For some reason I always thought it would be interesting to have a nun image on the wall. I cut the image from several pieces of construction paper and a manilla folder, added marker lipstick, and backed it with a starburst covered in foil tape, making a mirrored surface. I've taken to naming her Clarence, but "Super Nun" also seems to fit. I apologize if the pictures aren't breathtakingly beautiful.

Clarence, the "Super Nun"

Clarence's closeup.

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