I've been posting alot more than usual on Craftster lately. There's just so much to talk about! The thing I love about Craftster is that there are so many craft topics discussed, and since, surely, no one knows everything about crafting, so you're bound to discover something new just by venturing out of your "routine crafting categories."

Through the paper crafts Craftster board, I found A Little Hut, a blog featuring Patricia Zapata's aesthetically pleasing decorative art, and her shop, "A Little Hut." I only wish I had some money to spend!

I also posted another potato print yesterday, that I'm especially proud of:

Can you believe I made that with a potato?

I also lurve the Dr. Oz episodes of Oprah, focusing on health concerns and questions from the viewing audience, and on the latest one (aired yesterday, May 21) described the use of the Neti Pot (tagged the "nose bidet" by Oprah). So what else would a cheap crafty girl like me do but make my own? I washed a simple individual-sized soda bottle, cut a 1 inch hole in its side, combined 8 oz. warm water and 1/4 t. non-iodized salt, placed the neck opening of the bottle against one of my nostrils, and carefully allowed poured the solution into the nostril. The neti worked- the solution came spilling out my other nostril (which probably paints an unpleasant picture, right?)!

Instantly, my head and sinuses felt clear and lighter. I was able to smell better, instantly. I plan on using this neti daily.

Here's a diagram of the DIY neti pot:

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