Yesterday I made some potato prints; it was very very fun and the results were so impressive!

Here are the finished stamps (plus two whose prints are not yet posted)

1. Multi-color citrus (my favorite)

2. Fern leaf motif (one of my favorites)

3. Lemons, limes, and oranges

4. Fern leaf star

5. Black-White lemon juxtaposition (note my use of "juxtaposition")

6. Lemons and an orange

To make your own potato print:

1. Cut a medium sized potato in half (I prefer length-wise; it gives you more surface area for a larger pattern)

2. Think of an image you want to make into a stamp. Circular images and images containing straight lines are easier to cut into the potato, I think.

3. While holding a paring knife like a pencil (please be careful), lightly and slowly trace your desired image into the potato flesh. If you make errors, you can correct them now if you haven't traced too deeply into the potato. Once you have the image you want traced lightly, trace it again with the knife, making deep cuts into the potato flesh.

4. Now you will remove pieces of potato from the image to reveal your stamp. You will need to figure out how to scoop the pieces out without disturbing the image. I like to use the tip of my knife to pry the pieces out of the smaller areas, and I cut parallel to the flat surface of the potato, prying away larger sections when I am sure this will not cut away important parts of the stamp. I suppose you could use other objects to cut away unwanted potato, like pencil tips, wire (from a paper clip, perhaps), etc. Presto! You have a potato stamp!

5. When you're satisfied with your finished potato stamp, get out some paint (I use poster paint from the dollar store, nothing fancy, but you could use any type of thicker paint easily), and use either one of those hard paint rollers, a foam brush, or your finger (I used my finger), to cover the stamp in paint. Press the stamp onto paper or your desired surface firmly, and reveal your image!

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