I loves me frozen veggies.

Ok, so I've been pretty hard set on buying fresh vegetables for the past, eh, two years or so, but lately its been so discouraging. All the supermarket veggies are rotten when you get them: everything's mushy, dented, and scratched at the store. The only things not rotten are carrots and cabbage, and while the cabbage is good, the carrots often taste like parsnips (a chemical-y sort taste). Oh! And the tomatoes: fleshy and hard, with no sweetness or flavor. I've tried to put them in a paper bag and a banana/apple to ripen them, but they rotted instead of ripening.


But being the herbivore I am, I needed my veggies, so I went to the freezer aisle. During previous visits, I walked right past the veggies to the frozen veggie burgers and such. I've looked at the veggies a few times, but never really tried anything other than peas, spinach, and corn. The freezers contained frozen corn, peas, lima beans, green beans, asparagus, pearl onions, chopped yellow onions, mushrooms, okra, carrots, and others. So, I loaded up on veggies that I don't know what to do with. I've tried brussels sprouts with lemon juice, walnut oil, and walnuts, and green beans with butter and parmesan cheese, but there has to be more out there.


I took my inquiry to Craftster, and am being flooded with wonderful ideas! I am printing the forum up, and am definately going to try some of these ideas out. I can't wait to take pictures and post the results.

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